Seasoned Cime di Rape (Turnip Tops)...
Seasoned Cime di Rape (Turnip Tops)...

Seasoned Cime di Rape (Turnip Tops) in extra virgin olive oil 280 g


Cime di Rape (Turnip tops) dressed in extra virgin olive oil. Produced in Puglia with local ingredients.

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Cime di Rape (Turnip tops) seasoned in extra virgin olive oil 280 g. Ingredients: 25% turnip tops, extra virgin olive oil, broccoletti, olive oil, onions, salt, garlic, chili. Acidity regulator: lactic acid.

Suitable for vegetarians
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Agricola Pannarale is an Apulian farm and company in Torremaggiore (FG), in the Tavoliere delle Puglie. The story of this family company starts from grand-dad Vincenzo, who moves to Torremaggiore because of his love for a very generous… olive, the Peranzana olive, in 1865. 

The Peranzana olive is a special variety as it is dual-purpose. That is, it is used as both a table olive and for its oil. It lends itself both to being pickled and to being milled. It has a good flesh-to-pit ratio and yields an oil with a nice balance between bitterness and spiciness: this type of oil, so good and peculiar, has received several accolades even at the international level.

As well as producing oil, the company offers other typical Apulian specialties like jams and vegetables in oil. 

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