Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVO)

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Olive oil is a fundamental ingredient in Meditarranean culinary tradition, and a veritable pillar of the Mediterranean diet, thanks to its nutritional properties. The best quality olive oil is that known as extra-virgin (EVOO); it is obtained exclusively through mechanical grinding. The regulations in force in several countries require extra-virgin oil to satisfy strict quality benchmarks to ensure that the oil is obtained exclusively by mechanical methods, and that it is not mixed with other lower quality oils. The free acidity of EVOO oil must be no higher than 0.8%. In the case of PDO oils, of which Italy is particularly rich, the production regulations provide even more restrictive rules regarding production techniques, as well as mandating that the varieties of olives used must be indigenous, that is, they must be originate from the place of production. Most of the EVO oils (even the PDO ones) are a blend of different varieties of olives; mixing or blending is an art which has been developed over centuries. Finally, the most characteristic oils are those obtained from a single variety of olives; the presence of a single native variety gives these oils an extreme typicality and a strong link with their territory of origin.

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