Foodelita is the one-stop meeting spot for the best Italian cuisine has to offer: a harmonic blend of unique and exceptional raw materials, respect for tradition, rigorous search for quality, and appreciation for beauty, producing masterpieces envied and admired all over the world.

On Foodelita you will be able to shop for Italian food online and choose from a careful selection of Italian food specialties, including Italian cheeses, hams, salami, sauces, preserves, spices and ingredients, and traditional desserts.

Our suppliers are small companies for the most part, often family-run, passing on artisanal specialties with authentic and inimitable flavours with their sense of tradition, commitment, and sacrifice. You will find products typical of Sicily, Calabria, Apulia and all other Italian regions, including foods with the geographical indications PDO and PGI. To best accompany these excellent products of the Italian enogastronomic tradition, we offer a selection of wines and artisanal beers.

So that everyone’s dietary preferences are satisfied, we carry an assortment of organic, vegetarian, and vegan products. Italians abroad can look to us to buy products from their region online.

Foodelita’s mission is not just to sell typical Italian products online, but to make them known all over Italy and the world, where we ship our delicacies with express shipping and with a guarantee of perfect preservation of our products. Briefly: we feel we are proud ambassadors of Italian culinary culture.

Foodelita is also a blog where you will find the typical and traditional recipes, and a presentation of the yummy and peculiar ingredients which make a dish unforgettable.

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