Ready-to-Drink Cocktails

Ready-to-Drink Cocktails

Cocktails have reached great popularity among many consumers. The reason for this popularity is that they are drinks that satisfy the taste of many, are extremely refreshing and also fun and socializing: cocktails are the natural protagonists of our aperitifs and evenings with friends, and even the combinations between refined cocktails and haute cuisine dishes are becoming more and more frequent.

During 2020 we had to give up many of these outings with friends; but not to taste high quality cocktails, which are now available ready to drink at home or wherever we want.

On you find an assortment of the most popular cocktails, prepared strictly with original ingredients, and ready to drink: just add ice and the cocktail is served!

It goes from the Old Fashioned, the most drunk cocktail in the world for the last six consecutive years; to Negroni, beloved as an aperitif; to Manhattan, the historic drink of American whisky.

The Perfect Cocktail drinks are also sustainable because they are packaged in a completely recyclable packaging.

Now the party can start!

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