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The richness of the products of excellence of Italian agriculture is enhanced to the maximum in canned vegetables. Vegetables in oil or in brine, pickles, dried vegetables preserve the best taste and fragrance of what the Italian countryside offers season by season. The recipes we propose represent an ancient knowledge, created in the rural environment and handed down family by family, in order to be able to consume the product of work in the fields all year round, a hard, tiring and exhausting commitment. Today, those who have picked up that tradition are small craft enterprises, deeply linked to the territory, which use as much as possible zero km raw materials or their geographical area of origin. Foodelita offers the specialties of Sicilian, Apulian, Ligurian vegetables and of all the Italian regions based on their geographical typicality: olives, artichokes, lampascioni, turnip greens, tomatoes in oil or with different storage methods. Canned vegetables are an essential food for a Mediterranean diet, are extremely versatile because they can be used as an appetizer, as a side dish, as an accompaniment for a rich aperitif, or even as ingredients to season pasta or other preparations.

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