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This section contains sauces, pestos, and condiments for pasta,  as well as gourmet spreads for bruschettas and sandwiches. If it is true that pasta is the fundamental pillar of Italian cuisine, it is equally true that each type of pasta is enhanced to the max by the recipe it is used in, and therefore by a suitable seasoning.

The variety of sauces and pesti recipes for pasta dressing is incredible: every Italian region has its traditional recipes based on local products. These help to create a typical and unmistakable regional taste. We Italians are passionate about traditional recipes: they are part of our gastronomic heritage and our life experiences.

Sauces and pestos, whether vegetable, meat, or fish based, should be combined with deliberately-chosen types of pasta in order to make the most of their taste. Pasta recipes exist for all tastes and needs, including those who pay more attention to nutritional aspects and for those who require vegetarian or vegan products. The creams proposed by Foodelita are also perfect for seasoning bruschettas, wraps, sandwiches or for garnishing meat and fish dishes.

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