Bruschetta di Sardella (Calabrian...
Bruschetta di Sardella (Calabrian...

Bruschetta di Sardella (Calabrian Cream of Baby Sardines and Chili Pepper) 190 g


Bruschetta di Sardella Fattoria Sila (Calabrian Cream of Baby Fish and Chili Pepper) 

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Bruschetta di Sardella Fattoria Sila (Calabrian Cream of Baby Sardines and Chili Pepper) 190 g

Calabrian sardella sauce made with baby sardines and hot peppers. Great as bruschetta topping. 

Sardella is the name of a typical Calabrian sauce made with "bianchetti" combined with hot pepper. "Bianchetti" is an Italian term for the immature fry of oily fish such as sardines and herring. The bianchetti are washed and put in brine for a few weeks before being combined with hot pepper and fennel and preserved in extra virgin olive oil. 

For its preciousness and for the small size of the fish, the sauce is also known as Calabrian caviar. In this version by Fattoria Sila the fish used is sardine (Sardina pilchardus). 

Great on toasted bread as a bruschetta. 

Ingredients: *sardines (Sardina pilchardus)*, extra virgin olive oil, red pepper, fennel.

Acidity regulator: lactic acid.

Very strong
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This producer is not just about ‘nduja, the queen sauce of Calabrian cuisine made from fiery chilli pepper and a soft, spreadable salami. They also produce several other sauces and preserves that make good use of Calabrian chili, considered the finest in the world… alongside pestos, jams, mushroom antipasti, and jars of stuffed vegetables. This is without having mentioned their “olive schiacciate” – olives crushed with the pit still inside, left to marinate for several days, lightly seasoned, and preserved in oil.

This is Fattoria Sila, a company operating in a small town called Casali del Manco. They have been making sauces and preserves since 1998, making the most of the typical products of the Calabrian territory. Between the careful attention they pay to quality product processing, and the range featuring more traditional flavours and bold combinations alike, there is something for everyone on this page. 

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