Red Datterino Tomatoes in sea water...

Red Datterino Tomatoes in sea water 290 gr


Whole red datterino tomatoes in purified sea water.

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Red Datterino tomatoes in sea water 290 gr. 

Whole red tomato in purified sea water. The Datterini red tomatoes just picked, are washed, selected. Then packaged in glass jars with purified sea water.

INGREDIENTS: Red Datterino tomatoes 55%, sea water 23%, water, acidity regulator: citric acid.

Calemone has selected a variety cherry tomatoes characterized by bright red fruits in the shape of datterino (date-like).

The DATTERINO ROSSO tomato is grown close to the sea in the brackish lands of Torre Guaceto. Here the particular composition of the soil and the irrigation water taken from the wells in brackish surface give the tomato a strong sweetness, almost devoid of acidity and a series of unique flavors and aromas.

After the harvest strictly handmade the tomato is put in pot and preserved in SEA WATER and pasteurized. The sea water contains all the minerals and trace elements present in the sea in an optimal proportion for our body and bring to the tomato a taste and a taste that cannot be obtained with the common salt. With the use of common salt, we salt foods by partially masking their original flavor. The sea water allows us to preserve the original flavor of the sweet and aromatic tomato. It is ideal to accompany fish dishes and delicate recipes with pasta, sauces, creams and velvety

Net Weight
290 g
Keep away from heat. After opening, refrigerate and consume within 2-3 days.
Tips for use
It is ideal to accompany fish dishes and delicate recipes with pasta, sauces, creams and velvety.
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The history of Calemone is strongly linked to that of the place where it was born: the Natural Reserve of Torre Guaceto, an uncontaminated paradise, where centuries-old olive groves alternate with crops of vegetables and cereals, a land so wonderful that can only give delicious fruits to those who know how to appreciate quality and authenticity. It is from the passion for this land, combined with the teachings of the fathers, that the idea of valorizing the historical cultivations of the territory comes to life. This is how "Calemone" was born, a distinctive mark of products such as extra virgin olive oil obtained from monumental olive groves and the production of Fiaschetto di Torre Guaceto tomatoes from organic farming. Behind every Calemone product, there is the territory and the passion and absolute dedication of the company for it. Every stage, in fact, from production to processing and packaging is strictly "made in Puglia", an essential guarantee for the customer of an excellent and authentically Apulian product.

The Calemone farm and the Fiaschetto tomato of Torre Guaceto presented in the GEO program of Rai:

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