Olio Roi was founded in 1900 in Badalucco, in the Imperia province. Since then, 5 generations have followed and dedicated their lives to the production of extra virgin olive oil from the Taggiasca olive, Ligurian specialty par excellence.

The Taggiasca olive, also known as Cailletier, is a small and juicy olive that grows on the steep terraced mountains of the province of Imperia; Roi offers it pitted dry, pitted in extra-virgin olive oil and pickled unpitted. Roi is not only tradition, but also innovation and experimentation: from this ethos come the Italian extra virgin olive oils flavoured with truffle extract, chilli, lemon, rosemary and cannabis.

Beyond oil they also offer preserves and typical regional sauces such as pesto, not to mention special gourmet products such as beer infused with olive leaves and Taggiasca olive gin.

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