Modica PGI Chocolate with salt 70 gr

Modica PGI Chocolate with salt 70 gr


Modica PGI Chocolate with salt. 

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Modica chocolate is a specialty of ancient traditions from the city of Modica, in the south of Sicily. Modica chocolate was recognised by the European Union as a Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) in 2018. This particular chocolate is obtained from a process of processing cocoa that is called "cold" and does not include the phase of conching. The chocolate obtained has high percentages of cocoa (from 50% to 99%) and no foreign substances are added such as vegetable fats, milk, soy lecithin.

The chocolate bar is dark black with brown hues and has a grainy, rough and crumbly texture.

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Artisan producer of Modica Chocolate IGP and carob beans derivatives.

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